Product technology

Aesthetics, quality, utility and price decisively determine the acceptance of a product. That is why we have defined good light, formal aesthetic integrity, high energy efficiency, longevity and value for money as the key product requirements and developed and applied technologies that allow us to achieve these goals in the development of the LEDiKIT® portfolio.

Dual Soft Range Optik (DSR)
mit geringster Blendwirkung
Hocherwertige Materialien:
Aluminium und hochtransmissives Sicherheitsglas
Direction Reflector Optik (DRO)
für Gleichmäßigkeit in der Raumtiefe
aus 324 Einzelchips
Umfassende Steuerungsausstattung
Ganzheitliches LED-
mit UDC
Conformal Coating für dauerhaften Elektronik-Schutz
für die Montage
Universelle Einsetzbarkeit
mit Schutzklasse II

Our solutions consist in highly specialized optical systems as compositions of LEDs with reflector / refractor and diffuser moldings such as. the DSR or DRO optics. The selection of materials and their manufacturing and finishing processes guarantees maximum performance and longevity. The same applies to our integrated LED control concept LEDiDRIVE®, which constantly monitors all relevant LED operating parameters and guarantees optimum LED operation at all times. In addition, it ensures light that is tailored to demand by controlling the luminous flux / power in accordance with the individual user settings, thereby sustainably reducing energy consumption. Effective equipment for LED / electronics cooling, targeted moisture management for example by drainage structures and the installation of climate membranes and effective protection against overvoltages ensure sustainable reliability and compliance with the applicable EN safety standards, for. EN60598, EN63031 or EN62560. Practitioners appreciate the uncomplicated and safe installation of our solutions, which we have also emphasized in the design. Selected Laternix products are registered and protected as utility models and selected names.

Lighting technology

The photometric system is decisive for the light distribution and the quality of the lighting. It also determines the appearance of the LED upgrade kit and thus also the daytime effect of the luminaire. As well as complying with technical requirements, it is important that the visual integrity of a decorative luminaire is kept following its upgrade. This is why we have also formally matched our optics to the fundamental luminaire shapes.

DSR | Dual Soft Range Optik
PDG | Prismatic Difuser Gasburner Optik
PDR | Prismatic Difuser Reflector Optik
DRO | Directional Reflector Optik
TIR | Linsen Optik
MR | Matrix Reflector Optik
SPOT Optik (Reflektor)
SUPER SPOT Optik (Asphäre)

Development technologies

"State-of-the-art" product development - our holistic approach to achieving maximum utility

Einsatz modernster
3D CAD Systeme
und Optimierung
mit Raytracing
Schaltungs- und
Verwendung eigenentwickelter Elektronikbaugruppen
Optimierung LED Kühlung
mittels CFD SimulationNew Item
Belastungstest in
der Klimakammer
Messung der
im Außenraum
mit Einzelsensoren
elektrischer Parameter

If you want to develop innovative products, you should not only know what the customer wants today, but also anticipate what will be of use to him in the future. Our goal is to translate the possibilities and the great potential offered by LED technology into meaningful products and solutions with tangible additional benefits that convince both technically and economically. As "pioneers" of the LED application, we build on a wealth of experience that has grown over many years and are in continuous dialogue with leading LED manufacturers. Our dedicated development know-how in the relevant areas of construction / mechanics, lighting technology and electronics hardware / software is the prerequisite for designing products in all their properties so that they optimally meet the requirements. For validation, we have our own light and luminaire laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment. When setting up our portfolio, we follow the design principles of platforms and modular construction systems in order to be able to react quickly to new requirements and keep our products up to date with regard to the rapid technological change.