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When it comes to climate protection and saving costs, outdoor lighting is also a major topic. Everyone is talking about the switch to LED technology and this is considered to be politically 'accepted'. Agreement exists on the question of 'whether', but the question of 'how' usually requires much explanation. For us it is important to illuminate the issue holistically with regard to the short, medium and long-term time scale.

In more than 25 years of lighting practice we have learnt a lot and gained important experience. We would like to integrate this experience into our work with you, and also support you in the following:

  • A inventory of the lighting installation, in particular an evaluation of individual luminaires with regard to their lighting task and condition
  • Suggestions for possible action alternatives for their energetic refurbishment (replacement of the complete luminaire and possibly mast, or conversion of the luminaire to LED technology)
  • Project planning
  • Supportive photometric calculations, e.g. with regard to DIN EN 13201
  • Support with drawing up economic efficiency calculations and funding applications


Sampling service

Selecting an LED conversion solution is part of a planning process. 

In order to avoid any 'surprises' either during or after implementation, we recommend practically testing the solution that is being considered. This also helps to select the right solution from various alternatives.

Testing can help to better evaluate e.g. the following factors:

  • the formal daytime appearance of the luminaire
  • the light effect at night 
  • mounting of the module in the luminaire

We would be pleased to help in your selection of suitable solutions and provide samples free of charge for a duration of 8 weeks. This also applies to the individual tailoring of a solution to a luminaire model for which we have not yet developed a specific LEDiKIT®. 

With regard to acceptance of the lighting following its upgrade to LED, the choice of light colour and light level is elemental. In order to vary these parameters easily on location, we supply our sample LEDiKITs® with the "CASAMBI" control system. Using a smartphone with the CASAMBI app, predefined scenes of different light colours and light levels can be simply set and experienced by everyone.

Easy installation
Casambi enables easy and quick picking and
commissioning of the luminaire via Bluetooth communication (BLE 4.0)
without mechanical/electrical interference with the luminaire or mast.
The performance parameters as well as the dimming behavior can be
adjusted at any time via free smartphone APP. The network
and authorization is provided free of charge by the manufacturer.
The system works with the existing luminaire cabling
and does not require additional wiring. The effort
for a new wiring between mast and luminaire is no longer necessary.