LEDiKITs® according to applications

Decorative post top- and suspended luminaires
  • with vertical basic structure
  • vertical or suspended lamp position
  • for low to medium mounting heights 3m...5m

Mushroom luminaires

Cylindrical post-top luminaires

Globe luminaires

Historical and old-town luminaires, multi-edge

Cone luminaires

Historical and old-town luminaires, round
Decorative bell, arched and post-top luminaires
  • with bell-like design
  • with vertical or horizontal lamp position
  • for low mounting heights 3 to 5 metres or
    high mounting heights 5 to 8 metres

Bell-shape luminaires with mounting heights 3...5 metres

Bell-shape luminaires with mounting heights 5...8 metres
Functional post-top, side-entry, suspended and catenary luminaires
  • with specific light control (specular reflector)
  • with horizontal or suspended lamp position
  • with technical or decorative design
  • for medium to high mounting heights 6m...12m

Functional luminaires, decorative

Functional luminaires, technically
Luminaires for planar lighting
  • asymmetric and symmetric floodlights
  • rotationally symmetric projectors
  • multiple post-top luminaires

Multiple lamp post-top luminaire

Rotationally symmetrical projectors
Luminaires for architectural application

• Indirect projector systems and Secundary luminaires up to 250W HS/HI • Bollards and Pillars• Recessed luminaires

Indirect projector systems

Secondary luminaires



Recessed luminaires