Universal Dimm Controler

Do you aim for autonomious control of the streetlight network and the illumination of bulidings, monuments and advertising spaces? That is possible with the LEDiDRIVE UDC-ANS. 

The Energy Saving Regulation (01/09/2022), the Federal Nature Conversation Act and the Immision Saving Regulation require the shutdown of the illumination of bulidings, monuments and advertising spaces from 10 pm on. A problem occurs if the light for the ilumination is provided by the streetlight network. Here is what the LEDiDRIVE UDC-ANS.



The LEDiDRIVE UDC-ANS is a control modul, which makes the autonomous temporal control of the ilumination of bulidings, monuments and advertisments independent from the streetlight network.

The LEDiDRIVE UDC-ANS is simply connected to the streetlight network (230V / 50Hz).

Available in the following versions: 

  • Stickable mounting brackets
  • IP 65 (waterproof)
  • Stickable mounting brackets and IP 65


  • Operated on the Streetlightnetwork with 230V/ 50Hz
  •  Use of the usual algorythm to calculate the middle of the night, therefore no real time clock or back up battery necessary 
  • Completley maintanence free
  • Relay output, potentialfree (changeover contact)
  • Hexadecimal - Rotary switch for manual time profile selection, no software tools/programming needed
  • Electrical connection via plug clamps (IP20) alternative with pigtails and sheded electronic (IP65)
  • Various mounting options