Ecology and sustainability in outdoor lighting | Image movie 2021

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LED upgrade of the salt houses on the occasion of the Salinenparkeröffnung Traunstein

On 13.07.2019, on the occasion of the big opening ceremony of the Salinenpark on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the Salinenstadt Traunstein,…

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We are official Philips CityTouch Ready Partner

We participate in the CityTouch Ready Partner Program and have been a certified Philips CityTouch Ready Partner since February 2019! Our street…

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Repair- and Recycling concept for more sustainability in LED - conversion

From the start, Laternix designs its LED upgrade solutions according to the principle of sustainability, especially in the life cycle

Usage phase…

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New product LEDiKIT®Streetlight FG (Flex Globe)

Innovative LED upgrade Kids for historic lights
• Spherical design of the LightEngine (analogous to the traditional light source) preserves the formal…

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